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LAMP: Laboratory for Molecular Programming

Laboratory for Molecular Programming

Midwest Verification Days

The group was well represented at the Midwest Verification Days workshop, held this year (its tenth) at the University of Iowa, September 28-29, 2018.   Hugh Potter gave the talk "Runtime fault detection in programmed molecular systems," reporting joint work with Sam Ellis, Titus Klinge, Jim Lathrop, Jack Lutz, Robyn Lutz, and Andy Miner.   Mikaela Cashman gave the talk "BioSIMP: using software testing techniques for sampling and inference in biological organisms," reporting joint work with Jennie Catlett, Myra Cohen, Nicole Buan, Zahmeeth Sakkaff, Max Pierobon, and Christine Kelley.   Josh Wallin gave the talk "Generating system-agnostic runtime verification benchmarks from MLTL formulas," reporting joint work with Kristin Rozier.